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01 March 2011 @ 02:29 am

yourfuneralmama shall be missed!
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25 February 2011 @ 01:34 am
I'm on reading week this week, so no school. I got two assignments done, and am working on an 8 page paper right now. That just leaves the 4-5 page paper that's due next Friday for next week. The problem is, I took extra hours at work and friends want to hang out, so I'm not sure when this is all getting done lol.

Things are going very well with me and the boy. I guess we've had three 'dates' so far. We went and saw a movie on Friday and of course it was a good time, but it's not like you can talk or anything during it. The first date was at his house and the second was ice skating 8D He's such a great guy, honestly. I asked him if last semester he was ever actually going to talk to me, since I was the one that kept going up to him. He said he thought he blew his chances the first time we met because he rambled on for 10 minutes lol. And then he liked me, but didn't think I liked him. Our only mutual friend actually told him that I liked him and that's why he asked me out. He said he wouldn't have gotten up the courage to do it otherwise :S I really don't get why he likes me, but I'm not going to complain. I guess he has 'something planned' for us Friday lol. No idea what he means.

This song is my jam right now, btw:

I finally got a new phone. I went with a BlackBerry. I haven't really done anything with it yet, but it's pretty cool. I have a $50/mo plan, though D: If I don't find myself using the internet, I'm definitely going to see if I can switch plans. The $40/mo plan didn't have internet, but you still get Facebook, so it's not bad.

I might be changing my username, btw. I keep getting a lot of spam comments and it's pissing me off. If I do change I'll post it for the none of you who care ;)

Rammstein are going to be in Toronto. I've heard they put on one hell of a show, but I shan't be going. Volbeat are going to be in Detroit, but I'm not going to that either. I'd really like to see Adele, but, guess what? haha
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I'm so glad I stuck with my plans to update more often :P

I am back in school and already have quite a bit of work to do. This semester I have: Gender in Islamic History, 20th Century History: 1945-Present, Canadian History Post-Confederation, Apartheid in South Africa and German Linguistics... taught it German. I love them all except for the German linguistics course. Hate the prof and my German isn't all that great, so it makes it difficult. I have some interesting books to read this semester, which I'm looking forward to.

I finished reading The Tenth Circle of Hell: A Memoir of Life in the Death Camps of Bosnia by Rezak Hukanovic. I honestly kept forgetting that what I was reading wasn't from the 1940s, but the early '90s. The book has a great introduction by Elie Wiesel (the author of Night), but Hukanovic's writing (or the translation?) isn't all that great. It's a very simple, short read, but it's heavy stuff.

Arrgghhhh I missed out on floor tickets for Deftones this May. Super pissed about that. On top of already having missed out on floor tickets for U2 D: So no concerts for me yet this year :/

Don't really have too much going on music-wise. Same old stuff, I guess. I subscribed to last.fm for 3 months so I could use the radio. Lots of 90s music has been listened to lol. Things you all need in your life are: Arcade Fire's (not so new) album The Suburbs ("Rococo" ♥), deadmau5 (he has a lot of great songs, but the last half of "Strobe" is killer), Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" and "Someone Like You".

And, I think I kinda got asked out tonight.

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02 January 2011 @ 02:17 am
I hope everyone had a fun New Year's eve a great Christmas, since I haven't updated since before then :) I got the usual suspects: movies (Downfall/Der Untergang, Inglourious Basterds), books (two Mongol history ones and one about Serbia), CDs (2 Rammstein, 2 U2 and 1 MGMT), pajama pants, chocolate. My sister got me U2's The Joshua Tree on vinyl 8D Stoked about that.

I really wish I looked like Meisa Kuroki. She's so stunning, I mean, just look at these new promo pics.

I'm listening to this Lithuanian singer named Jurga right now. Her album Instrukcija is really good, but her voice is like damn, girl. Very, very talented. I don't think I ever mentioned Yuna on here. She's a Malaysian singer whose music like rock/folk/acoustic, I guess. Her album Decorate is pretty darn good and it's about half in English and half in Malay.

Ugh, complicated shit is complicated. I feel like I'm doing not-so-great things to really good people for something that will never happen and I just feel like complete shit. And in hopes of starting the New Year off a little better than it ended, I need to vent and get everything out:
This is long, but I need to get it out.Collapse )

And, now for something a little less depressing 8D The list is really cruddy this year because I don't really feel like putting much effort into it.

Best Music of 2010

Best Overall Album
Deftones - Diamond Eyes

Even without their bassist, Deftones put out another killer album. It's definitely better than 2006's Saturday Night Wrist and might in fact be my favourite album of theirs and I didn't think they'd ever put out anything to top White Pony. It's pretty much a flawless album. I have a hard time describing what it is I love about their music so much... there's like a feel to it, or something. I don't really know... it's just awesome.

Other Contenders (Alphabetically)

• Altan Urag- BLOOD
• Ego Fall - INNER M
• Hanggai - He Who Travels Far
• How to Destroy Angels - How to Destroy Angels EP
• Jolin Tsai - Myself
• Koda Kumi - UNIVERSE
• The Pretty Reckless - The Pretty Reckless EP
• Sa Ding Ding - Harmony
• Yuna - Decorate
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21 December 2010 @ 01:41 am
I haven't updated in over a month! lol. I am done school for the semester :) I think all my finals went well except for my Italian Cinema one, which I totally and completely bombed. It's nice to be done, but I almost just want to get back to see friends.

The only good thing about that Italian Cinema class was watching La Dolce Vita. Not that it was really a good movie, but Marcello Mastroianni was so damn good looking in it. That class was 90% obnoxious douchebags. I hated it.

My sister and I finished Christmas shopping for our parents. I still need to get her stuff, though. It sucks because her birthday is also in December, so she got pretty much everything she wanted for her birthday :/ I have no idea what to buy her. Dr. Disc never seems to have records she wants when I/my parents go.

I don't even know what to do with myself... I'm so bored and I only finished my finals on Saturday D: This is going to be a long three weeks. I really want to go ice skating at some point; I haven't gone in years. I might be seeing some high school friends tomorrow after work. I went out with my friend Bojan on Saturday night to Tim Hortons and had an absolutely fantastic time, as usual.

Music-wise... nothing really new. Lots of U2, The Beatles and capsule. I found a Slovak rock/pop group called Peha who are pretty good, but I've only listened to one album (Krajinou, for those interested).

So, I've developed an absolutely massive crush on this guy I met this semester. He's funny, incredibly nice, super cute, easy to talk to, smart and on top of that works part-time, volunteers places, plays sports and is Serbian (not from there, though). I've posted about him before of that insanely random and awesome way we met and then didn't talk forever, until I got up the courage to go talk to him again. I ended up picking really good days to go up to him (I did that a couple times) and we studied together with another friend for our final. My friend keeps telling me to ask him out, but I barely had the confidence to talk to him. And, I don't stand a chance in hell with him anyways. I just have to hope he doesn't get a girlfriend over the break and then see what happens next semester :/ Which will be nothing, but I like to hope.

I watched this movie called Lilja 4-ever when I was procrastinating writing papers a little while back. It's available on Google Video with subtitles. Really good, but very sad. I think I read it was based on a similar story that actually happened :(

I'm listening to Third Eye Blind right now. Hello, '90s/early 2000s! And I get to start rockin' my Christmas Genghis Khan icon 8D Fabulous.
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